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Berthold opto-mechanical typesetting

Looking back at some Berthold opto-mechanical typesetting equipment that has crossed my path

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Berthold digital typesetting

The M Series marked the beginning - and ending - of digital typesetting for H. Berthold AG

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Storia da corsa

25 years of digital Ferrari archiving and refactoring database publishing software

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Custom designed shoes paying homage to my Sepang Blue Black Edition Audi

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Having one of Prince’s iconic Cloud guitars to decorate my home office wall would be nice, wouldn’t it?

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Sign 'O the Times

Some stories on (how I remember) we got tickets when Prince visited my hometown in 1987

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I hate smalltalk

… but I like deep conversation with honest people

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A bunch of photos, thoughts and excuses on creating a custom bookcase for my car books

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Counting and categorizing the different sets of lights on the display while testing with a Neopixel strip