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LED there be light

Finishing the grate by pouring resin and some spray painting before testing the lights for the first time

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Printing a Grate

With the artwork printed I needed a solution to light the artwork only in specific places

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... that I would be good ...

Scars are part of the healing process after you’ve been physically hurt …

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Artwork for various displays

Just mimicking the original artwork for the different panels is good enough, but still a challenging job.

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Sign 'O the Times Tour Poster

Always wanted to have a copy of this Tour Poster so I decided to draw it and publish the drawing online for everyone’s enjoyment.

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Drawing Vector artwork

The tribute machine does not aim to be an exact replica, but the artwork should still communicate the right feeling.

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Killing one for the Cause

A small tribute to the early eighties slotmachine that donated several reusable parts.

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Fun Project taking shape

Introduction of the Jokers Wild slotmachine and deciding on an approach to build a tribute.

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GR8Conf 2013: Fredag i Danmark

Attending and speaking at the final day of the 2013 international Grails User Conference in Copenhagen.