Prince was a common thread in my life ever since I saw the When Doves cry video on TV in 1984.
Prince taught me about lyrics, and funk, and rock, and jazz.
Prince was my first real concert and many a night spent in front of the ‘Ben Noz’ ticketshop.
Prince fans taught me about bootlegs that I would subsequently chase and collect and share for years.
Prince taught me about poetry and women, and sex … but Prince’s work also guided me through long and lonely nights when I needed to feel the ground beneath my feet.

I was lucky to be alive when Prince was here and making music.

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Having one of Prince’s iconic Cloud guitars to decorate my home office wall would be nice, wouldn’t it?

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Sign 'O the Times

Some stories on (how I remember) we got tickets when Prince visited my hometown in 1987

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Sign 'O the Times Tour Poster

Always wanted to have a copy of this Tour Poster so I decided to draw it and publish the drawing online for everyone’s enjoyment

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Prince concerts attended